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The First Noel
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The first Noel the angel did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay.
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel.
Born is the King of Israel.

Then songs of angels filled the sky:
"All glory to God the Lord Most High,
And peace on earth to those of good will."
They spread glad tidings in words to fulfill.

What awe and wonder filled the hearts
Of shepherds called and set apart
To proclaim the news that Christ is born.
What joy was with them on that blessed morn.

In the sky there appeared a star of great light.
It illumined the hearts of 3 wise men that night
Who left behind all that they possessed
To search for the Treasure that they might be

They brought their gifts: pure gold for a King
And frankincense used for divine offerings
And myrrh to embalm the Son of Man
Three gifts that reveal God's mysterious plan.

So let us raise our voices in song
Singing praises to God with the heav'nly throng
"All glory to God, the Lord Most High
Father, Son and Spirit we glorify!"

In The Highest Heaven

Glory to God in the highest heaven.  

Peace to all upon the earth.

That is what the angel sang to me.

In that song great joy was given,  

For it told of the Saviour's birth.

Now we'll sing that song eternally.

Verse 1

You are the Wonderful Counsellor.  

You are the Mighty God.

You are the Everlasting Father.  

You are the Prince of Peace.

Verse 2

You are the Way that leads to the Father.  

You are the Truth that sets us free.

You are the Life that rescues us from death.  

You are the Lord God Almighty.