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Lyrics 13

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Joyful Noyz (NEW!)


1. Joseph, the Just One, the spouse of the Queen,

And protector of the Treasure:  the Baby unseen,

This Child, declared the angel is God’s holy Son,

Joseph felt unworthy to be God’s chosen one.

2. Humble, and simple, poor, yet strong,

He prepared for this calling his whole life long:

Chastity practiced,  he was pure in heart,

He saw the face of God;  he was thus set apart.


Holy St. Joseph, you protected our Lord;

To die in His arms was your fitting reward.

You lived in purity, a chaste, holy life;

The Lord gave you Mary, a treasure, as wife.

3. A hard-working carpenter, you show us the way

To offer our labors to God each day.

You guide us and protect us by all of your prayers,

As you protected the Holy Ones from all of their fears.


Holy St. Joseph, please pray to our Lord

That we die in comfort, as was your reward.

Teach us the purity of a chaste, holy life;

Your example and Mary’s, the Virgin, your wife.


Holy St. Joseph, we pray to our Lord

To meet you in heaven, our eternal reward.

We keep our hearts pure and free from all strife

To behold the Lord Jesus at the end of our life. 

© 2001 Greg Mailloux.  563 St. Joseph St., Windsor, ON

Canada N9C 3H3.  All rights reserved.


Publishing rights are administered by CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International)  1-800-234-2446


Robert Filoramo

1. For the man who follows Jesus 

All the days of his life,   

Who picks up his cross

and walks with his God,    

A glorious inheritance   

Awaits him at the end, 

When he will see 

And know his true Father,  

And the pearl of great price 

Is in his hand.


So as for me, I will press on 

In running the race,

With my eyes fixed on Jesus, 

Who inspires and perfects my faith.

I will fight the good fight 

With all my heart and soul,

'Til the day that I'm with Jesus,  

The day I'm finally home,  

The day that I have won the crown.

2. He will approach the throne of his Father 

With Jesus at his side.  

The Father will rise and say 

"Welcome home!    

You're a good and faithful servant.  

Come home and take your reward. 

The battle's done.  

Come and take your rest.     

Stay with me for evermore."

3. And the heavens will resound 

With the thunder of praise.  

The angels & saints will shout for joy

And the Father will dance, 

For His son has come home, 

Another warrior returns from the fight, 

Another victory for the Lamb of God!    

© 1987 Robert Filoramo, Koinonia Academy Press

114 Sterling Road, Warren, NJ 07059

Used with permission.