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Lyrics 06

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Joyful Noyz (NEW!)


Music by Henry Boon

Holy St. Joseph, spouse of Mary, 

Be mindful of us.  Pray for us, 

Watch over us.

Guardian of the child Jesus, 

Take our affairs, spiritual and temporal, 

Into your hands, 

And obtain for us the grace to know 

And perfectly to accomplish 

The holy will of God. 

O glorious St. Joseph, hear our prayers 

And obtain our petitions. 

O glorious St. Joseph, hear our prayers 

And obtain our petitions.  Amen.

2002 Quilisma Sound.  555 Roseland Dr. S., Windsor, ON

Canada.  All rights reserved.




Eph. 2:10

(To Jayme & Chris Wisdom)

When God created you, it was a masterpiece! 

A work of art! You are God’s masterpiece!        Eph. 2:10

1. Gentle and patient, loving and thoughtful 

To all you meet. Gal. 5:22

"You are the apple of My eye", says the Lord. Ps. 17:8

2. Kind and compassionate and filled with wisdom 

And self-control. Gal. 5:22

You have been made in the image of our God.   

                                                                      Gen. 1:27

3. Filled with the peace and joy of the Spirit 

        And gratitude.                  Phil. 4:4

You are a one-of-a-kind, 

A hidden treasure!  Col. 3:3; Sir. 6:14


 1996 Greg Mailloux.  563 St. Joseph St., Windsor, ON

Canada N9C 3H3.  All rights reserved.


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